In November 2011 Janine and Vedran treated us to a holiday in Tofino.  We stayed at a wonderful resort and spent many hours walking the beaches watching the huge waves crash on the shore.

One lunch we drove into Tofino to find the food truck that was rated in the top 10 of North America by Conde Naste.   We found it in a parking lot behind a store on the road leading into Tofino.  The word was that they made great Tacos and were noted (internationally) for the fish taco. To me, Taco was only made with ground beef or chicken but I said, what the hell .

We ordered the fish tacos and when I was served it was the best taco I have ever tasted.  Whooduhthunk?

On one of our trips to Costco I came across a large bag of frozen Sole fillets.  They looked nice in the bag and I thought I might try them breaded and pan fried in our weekly fish fry night.  Turned out that once thawed, the fillets were wafer thin.  As it was Sole, any attempt to bread and they just fall apart.

I have discovered a true purpose for these fillets.

We traditionally have seafood on Friday (remember I am married to a Mackerel Snapper)  The meals are often chowders or bouillabaisse or my fried fish.  In the last few months I have added Fish Tacos to the repertoire.  Season the fillets and then browned quickly in a cast iron pan, served with all the taco accoutrements (salsa, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, olives, tomatoes)  and what a meal.  Not sure if I could beat the Tofino food truck, but pretty close.