In the past blogs I have talked about my minor effort to assist in the attempt to hold back the invasion of Broom plants in the valley.  (my efforts are minor compared to others in the group)

Broom is not an issue on Vancouver Island alone.  It is all up and down the Northwest .  I was reading an announcement where the State of Oregon has spent $82 million trying to suppress Broom.

Locally you might think that the destruction of Broom is accepted.  For the most part it is. When we are working along a busy road many people honk as they drive by (although notably, nobody stops to help).  Actually the honking becomes a bit of a nuisance as the road is noisy enough.

What gets my goat are the letters to the editors of our local papers from citizens upset that we are killing these plants with pretty yellow flowers along the roadstead.  Fortunately 3/4 of the letters are in support (but again strangely not by people that actually stop by to help).   Most people I know are of the opinion that trying to halt the spread is hopeless and as long as they keep their individual yards clear they will get by.  I also realize that the cause may well be hopeless,  but it is great exercise and often we get a free cookie donated by someone at the end of our shift.

Still… Mother Theresa did not always get appreciation in her early years for her efforts and acclaim was not her goal.   I am a lesser being and would appreciate some acclaim aside from some honkers and my wife saying, when I come home drenched and stiff,  ” Good For You”

On the other hand that mostly suffices.