Pat goes to church virtually every day.  She enjoys the company she meets and it is a part of her daily routine.

I often ask what happened today and Pat will talk about someone she sat with or a conversation with one of her many friends at the church.

Never really occurred to me to ask her what was the sermon today, but I did tonight.  I assumed that it would be a variation of yesterday’s sermon.

The priest has to give 9 – 11 public masses each week.  As I understand the rules, the  powers-that-be in Rome lay out 52 weekly themes for the masses.  (Think of this, over 400 years how can there be original themes each week)  Anyway that is the concept.

So if I was a priest I would spend Monday writing out a good solid sermon that I would use every day for the rest of the week.  I mean how many people will listen to more than one?

If you go to an artist performing in Las Vegas multiple days you will find the same thing every day.  At $200 a pop the only people that go to multiple shows are big fans so do not care that it is a repeat.

Pat tells me I am wrong and the Priest has to make an original sermon every mass.  All in the same dictated theme but original regardless if the audience is the high Sunday of  1100 or the Wednesday morning of 40.

Now I produce maybe 3 great blogs a week.  But I get to pick from any subject in the world (this one is an example of a subject completely different from the previous birdhouse blog) but this poor guy has to come up with original oral blogs every day on the same narrow subject.  (love thy neighbour but do not get caught as an example) I am not sure if I could do this.

No wonder why they do not allow these guys to get married.

As Pat says, sometimes the sermon is great, and sometimes not.  Sort of like my blogs.