You must read the earlier blog before you read this……..

A wonderful Saturday.  The kind of day that confirms our decision to retire on Vancouver Island.  Blue skies and warm but not hot.  25 C

We took Little Red for a topless drive down to the Saskatoon Berry Farm just north of Victoria.  For those of you (aside from Vedran and J9) who drive big clunky vehicles, you cannot conceive of the beauty of driving along between the ocean and the mountains with the sky above.

We went big time in picking Saskatoon berries this year.  In under an hour we picked 15 litres of berries.  Granted we plan to give away at least half to friends in the neighbourhood.

Drove home and I planned the marvelous Saturday night meal.

Now if you remember from my earlier blog, we were given a huge supply of shucked oysters the other day.  Most of you would not realize the size of these beasts.  If you order oysters at your local restaurant you might get some Malpec thing the size of your thumb.  I mentioned that these were the size of a human tongue.  Take a moment as you read this and ask your significant other to stick out their tongue (Lois just look in a mirror)  They were huge

My plan was to have fried oysters on Thursday, followed with Oyster Gumbo on Friday and Oyster Stew tonight.  I even made my famous Lahey bread for the meal last night.

Fried oysters are traditional Creole style the fundamental ingredient in a Po Boy.  And they were nice.  Sweet potato fries on the side with Tartar sauce and raw veggies

The meal last night was gumbo with Oysters, Prawns, veggies and Chorizo sausage in a tomato sauce.   We had way to much so had leftover for tonight.   But we were only scratching at the bulk of the oysters we had been given.  Fortunately I was able to give away a container (the size of a quart) to my neighbour who is local and knows how to cook them and told me he BBQs them.

So I decided to take the last of the oysters and BBQ them since we already had leftover gumbo.  Went on internet and all the recipes require that you BBQ oysters in the shells (which we do not have) so I made little dishes of aluminum foil and added the butter, garlic and lemon

BBQd oysters are fabulous.  I will never, ever waste good oysters by frying them.  The best way to do shucked oysters if you do not make a gumbo or chowder is to BBQ them.

It is a wonderful life.    By the way the picture only shows half of what we had

BBQ Oystes