I was going to title this blog Training your children on Sex” but by sad experience, I have learned that my blogs are public.  Not just that the American NSA is reading (Was anyone surprised by those revelations???) it is the sickos that search on Google for any mention of the s#x word.

Recently there are many articles in the papers and in Maclean’s Magazine about how educators are to blame for the mixed up sexual information given children.  I really enjoyed a letter to the Maclean’s editor where a mother said that morality and sexual training were not the responsibility of teachers, they should be the responsibility of parents.  I absolutely agree with this.

The letter writer went on to say how she and her husband have dinner conversations with their kids about pubic hair, herpes, anal sex and pornography in a son’s bedroom.  I shudder of thinking of this conversation with my Mom and Dad.

I have to admit that Pat and I were not, in fact, enlightened parents, and none of these subjects ever came up in dinner conversations.  Our generation believed that you learned about sex from your friends with street rumours.  (to this day I remember some great details I was told in the playground which never proved to be true. Anyone remember Spanish Fly???)

I assume Pat took the girls aside and said “do not trust boys”     I know I told my son “go fetch”

I hereby apologize to my children that we did not properly inform them of the many aspects of the sexual experience.  We definitely did not have dinner conversations about anal sex.

While I loved having children, I am glad that I do not have to raise them in the modern experience of 7 year olds watching porn on internet and family discussions about Aids.

There are many opinions that maintain that those of us of the Baby Boom generation are the luckiest in the history of mankind.  In this narrow definition of raising kids, I have to agree.  We apparently achieved four semi-normal kids without these embarrassing conversations.  Who knows, maybe their teachers handled it for us.