Lately I have been getting comments that my blogs are starting to tend to the risqué.   While I believe an informed readership is a good thing I do listen to my fans, so here is a boring blog.

We had a beautiful day today.  I drove down to Nanaimo in Litl Red to join Blaine in a golf game at Cottonwoods.

My typical game, a birdie, two pars and several snow men.  I can hit one drive long and straight and at the next hole using exactly the same stance, hook it deep into the woods.

I do not forsee a pro career any time in the future.  Still a great day.  Playing with my brother is always a treat.  We compliment each other’s great shots and ignore the bad ones.

I love the game it is just too bad that after 50 years of playing I do not seem to be getting much better.  Won’t stop me from trying

The hardest part was the 1 hour drive back up home in the sunshine with the top down.  Lots of sunshine today.  Needed a nap and achieved same when I arrived.