Well I am into my second day of the massive swollen lymph glands under my chin.

I started my treatment with penicillin yesterday and when I woke this morning I hoped that I would appear normal but when I Looked in the mirror, I was wrong.  Instead of looking like Orson Welles I now look like Jabba the Hutt.

I want to hide in the house waiting for my disfigurement to go away, but NO.  Pat says lets go shopping at the new Target store.

So there I am skulking around our big new Target store trying to hide my jowls from everyone we walk past.  I had a great fear that we would meet someone we knew and they would say ” Hey Bruce big into the BBQ this summer I see”

I have been assured that this should go away in the next couple of days but I am already looking up plastic surgeons in the US

Pat, of course, is amused by my situation, but as this is a bacterial infection, she may have it herself in a couple of weeks.

I will, of course, be sympathetic.