I try to be a considerate, loving and romantic husband.  I put the toilet seat down and make a point to pour wine in Pat’s glass when she needs it.

We were dining outside last night and listening to soft jazz music. Diana Krall came on with her song Peel Me A Grape.  Nice song (my engineering classmates would disown me for saying that)
Basically the song is her saying if you really love me you will peel me a grape,  cut me a rose, cashmere me….. basically be my slave.

So we are sitting watching TV before going to bed and snacking on some white grapes.  I took a small paring knife and peeled a grape for my wife and presented it to her.

She said, that is gross and where did you put the peelings? They had better not be on your shirt (they were).  Apparently not a winner in the pleasing a wife category.

Which leads to the eternal question of men, what do women really want?  Who knows???