This weekend we had a delightful trip on the Uchuck III, a small freighter that sails from Gold River down an estuary to provide supplies to small villages out to the west coast of Vancouver Island.  While primarily a freight supply vessel it has deck benches and a small cabin area to take up to 80 passengers (on a day trip)

It travels down an estuary through mountains and past islands that no one would see if you did not travel by boat.  This particular trip was a single day trip from Gold River down to Yuquot an old Native village on the cove that opens onto the Pacific.  This is a historical spot since this is where James Cook on his third and last voyage found refuge for 6 weeks while he repaired his ships. He named it friendly cove because of the reception he and his crew received.

Beautiful weather so no wave action to disturb sensitive tummys with spectacular scenery all along the route.

We travelled with Blaine and Lisa along with Evan and his girlfriend Nicole.  Many of Nicole’s relatives were also on the trip (it was originally based on a family thing that got stretched to include us)

In YuquDSC_0003ot we carried our cooler ashore for a picnic and then had 3 hours to explore the stony beach, an old church and the lighthouse while the Uchuck unloaded supplies. Many of the people on the freighter were natives heading back to their historical village for a extended period of camping and enjoying BBQ salmon.  This had at one time been a huge village but now is only used in August for this traditional gathering.  The only year round residents are the people that maintain the Lighthouse on the point.

We eventually returned aboard and motored back to Gold River  This is a lovely Island on which we live