I love to read the column that Scott Feschuk writes in Maclean’s magazine each week.  A former Liberal speech writer he captures great concepts and has earned a page in every issue.

Although he is relatively young he nailed the truth in this last weeks article about how a summer vacation is where you train to be retired.  Three critical goals to accept being retired.  I will paraphrase

First learn to make a big deal over little things.

I set my objective each day fairly low so that it can be easily achieved.  When you are retired you do not need to learn anything more from failures.  For instance I jump out of bed on Thursday because ITS GARBAGE DAY.  Get dressed and haul the stuff out to the street.  Before breakfast I have achieved my goal for the day and I can celebrate with my bran flakes.  Heaven knows you all realize this is my view of life if you read my blogs.  Celebrate the little things…  good advice

Second goal is develop strong opinions about things

Now I do not necessarily think of these as opinions, I think of them as truths that stupid people do not recognize or acknowledge.  I find that speaking louder helps them comprehend and accept the truth.

Realize that the memory is slipping on new information

Now this goal I am not sure of, when I started this blog I had something profound to say on this point but have since forgotten it.  Certainly it had nothing to do with my going back to the phone company to convert my smart phone back to a simple flip cel phone because the features were too complicated.

Anyway I think that Scott has achieved the essence of retirement and he learned it while lying by a beach on his summer vacation.