We have had drought in the valley for about 8 weeks.  Typical for this time of year and not a huge issue because we have the luxury of glacial fed lakes that supply our hydro power and local water.  So we have been able to water our yards and golf courses to keep them green, but the drought has dried out the forests so we have severe fire concern and the community areas are yellow.  Campfires in parks, in back yards and even on the beaches have been banned.

The upside has been lots of sunshine with great beach weather.  The downside has been the threat to the many crops that are grown in the valley.

We are expecting Andra and Sean and Mason to arrive tomorrow and have promised them great beach weather, but that started to change yesterday.  Despite the forecast we had light rain last night and today torrential rain.  Very surprisingly heavy.  We get a lot a rain and it normally is light to heavy drizzle but for an hour this morning it came down in buckets.

I was supposed to golf this morning with my buddy Harry but we cancelled out and that was fortunate.

Still I was concerned about our plans with the kids for the week.

I was reminded of a drawing I saw years ago.  There is GOD sitting with praying people on each side.  Their prayers were in dialogue  bubbles.  A young woman is praying “Please Lord, I am being married tomorrow give me lots of sunshine”  On the other side is a farmer on his knees praying ” Please Lord my crops are failing bring me rain by tomorrow”  The sketch was titled God’s Dilemma.

So there I was hoping for the continuation of the drought and sunshine for the visit by my family, but HE squeezed in a day of heavy rain to help the farmers.  Forecast is for good weather for the rest of the week .  Not as hot as we had, but I can live with that.

Still the rain was timely.  Even with only a day, the golf course is greener and the common areas around the community are looking great.  And we no longer have a local forest fire threat.  HE slipped in a miracle.