This week is the Juvenile (16 and under) golf championship of BC on our course.  They asked the members for volunteers and I signed up.  Spent the last 2 days as a spotter.  These are people that are positioned on long holes to tell (using flags)  the golfer hitting from the tee box if their ball is good, out of bounds, lost or in the water.  Also help look for lost balls.   Speeds up play.

You have to watch every shot from the tee positioned about 200 yards down the fairway.

Absolutely perfect weather (unlike last week when Andra and family were here)  There are about 85 boys and 28 girls participating (about 1/3 Chinese) and some of them are very, very good.

The boys tee off from the men’s blue tees and the girls from the men’s white.  Lots of them scored in the low seventies with one 15 year old girl shooting a 69.  Phenomenal.  I have to wonder how good the kids in California or Arizona must be.

But I have to say one thing.  I have never met such a bunch of polite well behaved kids.  Many of them went out of their way to approach and thank me for volunteering.  Only saw one lad show anger (granted he had just hit in the water, redropped a ball and hit it into the water further up.  I would have had a few words in that situation.)

And they were polite to each other.  Threesomes made up from kids all over BC and yet they played like friends not competitors, complimenting good shots and even helping with yardage measurements.  I was very impressed.  I mentioned this to a couple of the parents that were following a group and the woman said that the politeness was due to the mothers to which her partner said “and the skill comes from the fathers”

I have had two very enjoyable days.  I am not needed for the final round tomorrow but may go and watch anyway.  Maybe not quite the skills as watching the pros but a lot better attitude.