That is such a cold title but I was trying to pick the word for my relationship with Dan.

I received an email from my former workmates at Petro-Can Lubricants about the passing away of a fellow that I knew back in the working world.

Not a personal friend.  He was never at my house, and I was never at his, but I liked him and remember him well.

Way back when I was the guy in Marketing launching new lubricant products, they determined that a line of heat transfer fluids (Calflo) that I was pushing deserved a dedicated sales force.  Dan Caruth was an experienced sales rep that was part of the three guys assigned.  I remember being pleased because he had a reputation for success which I wanted on the project.

Dan was a bit unusual in the Lubricant sales group in that he did not drink alcohol and he did not swear.    Never-the-less he fit in with the rest of the group because he had a dry sense of humour, and could be depended on to bring the rest of the guys back to the hotel on group meetings.  And he was good at selling Calflo Heat Transfer Fluid to customers in Canada and the US.  (I am sorry that I rate a person by his sales success, but that is what you remember)

Anyway he died last week.  (Ironic when you consider he did not drink, kept in shape, and was careful in his diet)  About my age.

Now those of you reading my blog will wonder why this subject.  Truthfully I have not thought of him since I retired but I write this because I remember Dan, he was a good man, I liked him and this is my personal eulogy for him.

I expect over the years I will have many more.