Over the last few years my gardening hatred has been for the evil deer that sneak in at night and eat all the plants we chose for our landscaping.  They eat the buds off the roses, the buds off the lilies, the carnations etc.  We have spent 5 years finding flowers and plants that stink so bad that the deer leave them alone.  Not plants that we wanted, just those that the crappy deer would not eat at night,

Over this time period, Blaine and Lisa have complained about the rabbits that infest their garden.  We have thought ourselves immune because we have eagles, hawks and owls living in the trees around us.

But this summer the birds of prey have left us and we are now inundated with evil wabbits.   The flowers and plants that we have determined deer do not eat, rabbits now consume.

Now I could appreciate vegans and tree huggers saying “rabbits are God’s creatures”.  But they are not.  They are black or ginger, which means they are pets that some dweeb couple bought for their kid when the creature was the size of a fist, then the rabbit grew to the size of a cat and their kid got scared so they said let’s release it in Crown Isle.

As far as I am concerned these people that release rabbits in our neighbourhood  should be shot.  Not a killing shot, I am not a redneck.  I am thinking of an ear the first time they do it and maybe a left elbow the second time.  But the next time they release these varmints in my back yard I am thinking of a shot in the delicate regions.  I am not a radical guy but there has to be consequences for your actions.

I know you are saying that this is an attitude that would lead you to think I am an advocate of capital punishment.  I disagree.  I think people that release evil wabbits in my neighbourhood do not deserve to die, but they should be taken away to a starvation internment camp in the Arctic where they learn that instead of releasing rabbits, they should eat them.

Unfortunately, unlike Elmer Fudd, I cannot shoot these wascally wabbits.  I must trap them.  So tonight I have set out a trap.  I will let you know the results.