It is Sunday evening and we had a wonderful meal.  I BBQd lamb chops with fresh mint from our garden.  We had little potatoes with peppers, mushrooms and onions grilled in a basket on the grill with fresh rosemary from the garden.  Pat prepared a salad with lettuce from the local market and included little tomatoes and basil from our garden.

This is the time of year to enjoy these fresh ingredients.  They just taste so much better than those we get at the store.

But there is one thing we are reluctant to test.  With the combination over the last week of rain and days of sunshine we are finding mushrooms galore in the lawn and on the golf course.  They look great and they may be safe, but we are too chicken to try it.  You go to sites on the internet and they say, large white mushrooms are perfectly edible unless there is a slight pattern in the skirt in which case they will kill you in a minute.

These looked great but I could not determine if the slight pattern I saw would kill me.   You hear stories all the time about people eating wild mushrooms and either dying or growing their hair long, dancing around campfires and voting NDP.  Either case I am not prepared to take the risk.

But they are pretty mushrooms.

Mushroom 1Mushroom 2