Earlier this summer there was an ad on TV for a big boy BBQ.  I think it was an ad for Canadian Tire, but does not really matter.

There is this big guy that looked like John Coffey (the big black guy) in the movie Green Mile pontificating about this great BBQ for sale.  Talking about the great steaks, chops and ribs that could be cooked on this BBQ.  His sidekick mentioned “and it could be great for planked salmon” at which point the John Coffey character looked over at him with disdain and  said “I think I am going to pretend I did not hear that” (in the deep voice)

That was when I realized that cedar planked salmon on the BBQ is  a Woofta dish.

Regardless, the salmon are running these days out here and I bought two big slabs of Coho salmon fillets today.  I used the cedar plank process on the BBQ with the salmon tonight, and it was fabulous.

It is very nice that I am so secure in my manhood that I can overcome TV ad stereotypes to eat what we want.

I do go on about the paradise of living here on the island.  In a few more months we will have rain and overcast, but we get fresh fish that most people in the country would die for.

And Cedar planked salmon on the BBQ is great, and yes, as my fans will understand, I write this as Pat does the cleanup.

At this point I was going to write that Pat is the Jacqueline to my Picasso or the Mary to my Hemingway.  You know the supportive wife that allows the genius to create, while they take care of the details,  but I realize that neither of these artists had what I have.  Just look at the history of these guys and their wives and I am lucky.  Pat thinks these little items I write are cute and accepts that this is my forte.

And time for dessert……