Since registering my web site I have received a couple of solicitations from web masters wanting to quote me on turning this into a major site.  I am just trying to figure out what I could sell (aside from the observations on life that I currently give away for free)

Maybe model ships….ahhh not likely at one ship every 5 years.  Maybe bird houses…. ahh that would tire quickly.   BBQ recipes are a dime a dozen.

Maybe I should just start charging for the keen advice I give on life.  Now that could pay off big time.  We could get Chandler out here to shoot one of his 30 second videos.

Troubled with your life? Seeking the truth on what you should do?  Disappointed by the structures of society that are closing you in?  Contact Dr Bruce  for advice that you cannot get anywhere else.  (the PhD is honorary)

What do you think???