As I expect the official NRA spokesman will say commenting on the recent events at the Washington Naval yard.

“Early reports have the shooter using an AR-15 and a Glock.  I can understand his choice of these two weapons because of the plastic content that allows easier access through security,  but I personally would have chosen either my HK 416 or my Galil AR due to the penetrating power and accuracy.  Regardless I appreciate his selection of the AR-15 because it is cheap and readily available, but a little money saving and planning could have given him a better weapon.”

“Of course the NRA deplores the death of citizens.  Even more we deplore the upcoming diatribe by the Pinkos and liberals…(I hate even typing that horrible word) calling for more restrictions on guns.”

“That is totally wrong.  What we need is a total removal of restrictions on guns including at the gates of the Naval Yard.  If every honest American had been carrying his god given weapon with him this morning to the office there would not have been this result.  The minute he started firing there could have been defensive firing from every secretary and clerk.  Granted there may have been 7 – 8 people killed in the crossfire but that would have been less than the 13 killed.  Those are verifiable statistics people, no dispute.”


Strange sort of logic… Reminds me of the statement my Brother-in-law Verne told me one time (I suspect as a joke but I was only 13 at the time) why you should drive faster on icy roads.  If you drive faster over a 10 second period there is actually more square inches of rubber on the tires in contact with the ground so you should have better traction.  Takes you a minute to realize the fallacy of that logic as it would for the NRA ‘arm everyone’ position.

Now I will determine if my blog is actually being followed by Big Brother.