Earlier I mentioned that I tasted the first of the grapes in our vineyard, but tonight I harvested the entire crop.

The top picture is our total production.  What a sight and it is all ours.  The second is the repeat that shows them on the vine.

I can see why famous people and movie stars drop out to harvest grapes and go into the wine business in Napa Valley.  Fess Parker and Kurt Russell just had the epiphany that I had when they saw their first grape production.

Drop out and make your name (again) from fine wine produced by your vineyard.

I suspect our current crop will not suffice for an initial investment.  Kind of a small production, and Concord grapes not great for producing Cabernet , and I have no desire to walk on them in my bare feet.

Plus the fact that, as my family would point out, I had already dropped out 5 years ago.

So I think we will just enjoy them with ice cream tonight while watching a movie.

First Grapes

Concord grapes