When you have been married for 45 years you start to develop habits  that just become part of your life.

Sunday brunch has become a significant routine for us.  It goes way back to when Pat was a child and her family would go off to church.  When they came home her Dad would cook his famous bacon and eggs brunch.  I expect he did the Sunday brunch bacon and eggs up until near the end of his life.

In our home with the kids this was a lot less formal because of the rush to get out in the afternoon to visit friends or sports. So while I did make bacon and eggs, it was often cereal or frozen waffles.

As the years past it became more of a routine, particularly after the kids were gone.

Pat would go to church.  Now I admit that I do not go that often, but I have built my entire strategy on getting into heaven by making sure Pat makes it.  I believe it must be like getting the first landed immigrant into Canada.  Once he or she is there and settled in they can sponsor all their relatives, no questions asked (well maybe a few).   Pat gets up there, I get the spousal pass.

So I view Pat’s attendance at church on Sunday morning as an investment in my future and therefore believe she needs a reward when she gets home.

As a result, Sunday brunch has become my challenge.  Now strangely, Pat does not like the bacon and eggs that her father did so I try to be creative.  The normal selection is a variety of omelettes but I add egg nests with smoked salmon or blueberry pancakes or egg McMuffins etc.  Pat seldom knows when she heads off to church what she will have when she returns.  In the last couple of years I started to bake quiches as a surprise.

(now I want to point out to the guys that may read this that I still pee into the toilet standing up, so no question that I have gone woosie)

This morning it was pouring rain and I think Pat needed a special treat, so as soon as she left to church, I lit out to the local Thriftys (which is open Sunday mornings) and came back with the muffins and back bacon for today’s Brunch.  Eggs Benedict.  I only make this on special occasions but what a meal.

I know, my kids are saying “why are you poisoning our mother with all these calories?”  But it was wonderful.

Now here guys is why you surprise your wife with Eggs Benedict some morning (aside from the fact that it tastes great).

I was a hero and did not have to do a lick of work around the house today including the dinner.  And I did it for her