When I used to phone Mother on our regular Sunday nights, I would often describe the great meal we had prepared that night.  She was always amazed at the variety and complexity of the dinner.

Even though we are retired and Sunday dinner should not be special, it is for us a tradition to prepare something beyond the norm.

Fall weather has come on in a crash and we are experiencing a stormy cold rain tonight.  Precursor of the rainy winter coming on.  So Pat and I determined that we would have a good cold weather meal.

By happen-chance we were at the the store yesterday and they had a sale on a rack of lamb.  We love lamb and normally cannot afford a true rack of lamb.

If I was describing this meal to Mother on the phone in the old days she would have shuddered and said “mutton,  ehuuu tastes like wool”  Never could convince her that lamb could be great.

Anyway over the years we have prepared lots of lamb chops and lamb roasts, but I have never cooked a rack of lamb the kind where the ribs are exposed.  Apparently this style is called Frenched ribs (funny I always thought Frenched meant kissing with lots of tongue not sure why the connection.)

I have ordered rack of lamb at restaurants (normally when the company was paying the dime) and loved it.

I prepared the rack this evening with a marinade and grilled it on the BBQ.  Pat made a galette of potatoes  (a french potato pancake that she found in the Julia Child cookbook)

(by the way I am surprised Julia Child lived so long as every recipe we use from her makes my heart pound due to the butter and this was no different)

What a great meal.   We were going to invite a neighbor in to share it but with the storm everyone is staying in their bunker.

So let the storm roll, we had a marvelous meal.