For my legion of followers they may remember my earlier Mac and Cheese blog.  Who could go wrong with pasta and cheese plus other stuff.

I suspect Chandler is having this meal regularly because what would a single guy love more ( you only have to look at the ads for Kraft Dinner)

The last couple of days we have been enjoying Pat’s signature fall stew.  The meat slowly cooked in a sauce with autumn vegetables baked in the oven and combined at the serving.  Wonderful meal.  But what do we do the next day?

As we were relaxing after the meal watching TV, I had an inspiration that I shared with my bride….lets do a Mac and Cheese Casserole.      At the time it was a “what do you think”  comment.  The kind  of  statement you make with a full stomach and no real desire to ever eat again but you have to throw out an idea.

By this morning I had forgotten that plan but Pat remembered with the accusation that I was developing dementia.  Anyway, in defense of my cerebral health, I immediately jumped on the concept and went looking for a recipe in our many cooking magazines (lets face it, Kraft dinner was not going to be the meal)

So I found a basic recipe and went on to modify it significantly.  Elbow pasta with a sauce made from 1/2 head of chopped cauliflower with Gruyere cheese and diced Spanish Chorizo sausage plus many other things.  Do not ask for the recipe because it was made up as it went on.

Baked in the oven.   If I say so myself, a spectacular meal.    Lets face it,  if you add Gruyere cheese and Chorizo, you could make anything taste great.

As per usual, I was rewarded for my culinary masterpiece by being excused to create this blog while Pat does the cleanup.  It is great to be a maestro of the kitchen.