I only became addicted to this program in the second year.  I would record every show and watch them in my spare time.

Pat declared that she would never watch it as it was gross and could not understand my interest.  So I played my episodes when she was out at meetings or away.

The new season is about to start and AMC is running a marathon of every earlier episode so I recorded the first few shows to try and get the background.

I have been watching them the last few mornings with Pat sitting in the computer room.  After awhile I see her peeking around the corner and eventually standing at the back of the room.  She declares that the program is still gross particularly when there are head shots (as I explain to her the only effective way to kill a zombie)  but she began to ask about certain characters.

Lets face it there are lots of gross scenes.  But the interaction of the characters handling stress is fascinating and there are clearly some nice people.

I did not tell her that most of the nice people she observed get eaten in later episodes, but I think she might catch my addiction.  We shall see.