This morning I was up at 6:30 am to head off to the fitness club.  At this time of year it is dark as Hades, but this morning it also had thick, I mean really thick, Fog.

I am talking about Hound of the Baskervilles fog.  I stepped out and listened for the howling.

At this time of year it is not unusual to get fog in the mornings down in the valley but not up here on the ridge.

I pulled Little Red out and started on my drive down our street.  I could see maybe 10 meters so was driving slowly.

At this time of morning there are the usual seniors taking their dogs for walks and the occasional joggers.  I see them all the time in the morning as I drive to the club but this morning they were invisible.  There was one guy that I recognize walking his twin white Westies and crossing the road.  He is dressed totally in Black but fortunately I saw the dogs (not the first time I have noted this)  On rainy mornings I note that people dressed in black assume you can see them the same as during a bright sunny day.   As I crept down the roads I saw numerous walkers and joggers again totally dressed in Black.  Now a few have visibility vests, but what gives?

I pull into the parking spot across the street from the club and get out to check the very few cars that might be coming at that time of the morning.  I look down and realize that I am wearing a black jacket and black pants.

What has happened with colour?  I used to have paisley sweat pants and a yellow jacket (granted that was the 70s)   I had a pale blue linen suit at one time.  Unless you visit Hawaii no one wears bright colours any more.

Fortunately I did not kill anyone on the way, but as I worked out at the club I noticed that virtually all the ladies are in black or deep blue leotards and dark tops.  What has happened to colour?