This is unusual weather we are enjoying.  Sunshine during the day but fairly mild evenings (min 7°C)  and no wind.  As a result we get fog rolling in by dusk and not clearing until mid morning.  We have been here 5 years and have not experienced this and it is the talk of the town.

I recently joined a Camera Club to try and improve my photography.  The first class emphasized that you should take every opportunity to take photos of unusual scenes.  So last night I took the camera out in the backyard and put it on a tripod to try and photograph the surreal atmosphere.  We had a full moon over heavy fog.  I took dozens of pictures at every camera setting (those are the details I have to learn) to try and capture what I saw.

Not sure if I got it right but I kind of like the picture attached.  This was quite late and I am surprised how much light it picked up on a long exposure.  Standing there I could only make out the tree in the middle.  Still a long way to go before I replace Karsh but I think this might be an addition to my other artistic skills.

Foggy Night 2