I wonder if Hemingway had this problem.

Lets say he prepared a meal for his wife, put it in the oven and then got an inspiration. So he sat at the typewriter and wrote the love scene from A Farewell to Arms.  You know where the gay guy (Rock Hudson) temporarily falls in love with a nurse.  The words are flowing off the typewriter and the timing on the meal in the oven is lost to him.

Similar situation tonight.  I made a great pizza with all the fixings and put it in the oven at 400°F while I went off to write a simple email to the family.  The email became a epic dialogue on an interesting subject.

The wife finally says, what is with  the smoke coming out of the oven!!!!!.

As a result we had a very nicely carbonized pizza tonight.  Extra crispy crust and a nice bouquet on the blackened tips of the pepperoni and peppers.

I think this might be a new trend (assuming you have the teeth to chew through the crust)  This could be an investment idea that just needs a bit of polishing before taken to the Dragon’s Den.

With all the pizza joints out there, you have to find an original twist for a new market …. “BURNT PIZZAS”  New flavour sensation and great for those on a diet since you really do not eat many pieces.

I donate this investment concept out there to the world.  (I have registered the idea so you need to give me 1%)