At our home we always select music from our Sonos to accompany the meal.  Now it may be from a classical radio channel or from our inventory of easy listening music.

Unless it is the Grey Cup or the World Series, I do not watch sports during dinner.  ( I know this sounds weird, but my wife is addicted to watching sports.  If I did not put my foot down we would be dining with wine and a good meal to the Blue Jays 20 games back, in the eighth inning already losing 10 – 2.)

Anyway I am the Alpha Male so I command that we listen to music while we dine and I prefer music with a slower pace.  I already chew my food too fast, I do not need a background of Polka or Rock to speed up the jaws.

Tonight I was preparing a pasta meal with Italian Sausage.  Pat was on the computer doing her, almost full time job, for the CWL.  I asked her to select some music for the meal.

She decided that she would have an O meal meaning titles that start with O.  Actually a nice eclectic variety but with some inappropriate selections.

James gave us a huge inventory of Heavy Metal which I keep in the computer.  Normally these are not in the regular play list on Sonos.  I add access to the file when he visits and remove when he is gone (sorry son that you have only heard that before)  Still I keep the heavy metal songs in the music file.

When we updated the computer all the music files became part of the Sonos play list including Christmas songs, Halloween music and Heavy Metal.  I have yet to figure how to put these categories back in the vault until needed.

Anyway, tonight we dined to O My Goth by Razed in Black and Over the Mountain by Ozzy.  There were some other selections that were appropriate but these were the ones I remember.

I am pretty sure that these particular selections  did not help my digestive juices.