For those thousands of my blog followers, I should tell you that I am a senior.

I know my daughters tell me all the time not to give personal details on the blog because, as Angela Merkel of Germany apparently just discovered, there are no secrets that you can hide. 


I have a friend that I know through our group associations.  Lets call him Dave.  Not because that is the random name selected from “2001 a Space Odyssey” but because it is his real name. 

Dave is a couple of years older than I am and very fit.  He and his wife live on a large rural property near us.  A wonderful extended 1 storey house with great forest views. 

Unfortunately, unlike me, Dave still thinks he is young because he is slim and active.  But last month he had a brief episode where he passed out.  Went to hospital (I met him right after he came home) and he thought it was an isolated event.  Still keeping fit from working in the yard and taking long hikes

Earlier this week he did something stupid.  Went up on the ladder onto his roof and took along his leaf blower to blow off all the leaves that were mounding in the valleys. 

He apparently had another fainting spell and fell from the roof to the ground breaking all his ribs, deflating one of his lungs and suffering a concussion. 

His wife was not aware that he was going on the roof and only discovered him after 30 minutes.

Pat has not allowed me to climb a ladder outside without her being there to hold the ladder and there is NO WAY she allows me to go on the roof.  When I was younger I did it all the time, but realize that maybe this is not part of my ability.

Now she is thinking that I cannot even climb a ladder.

Going to be hard to put up the Christmas lights.