When you have a baby the choosing of their first name is often a battle (well lets say issue) that can consume a family.  Every Grand Parent and Uncle and Aunt offers advice on what you should select.  The first born name faces even more pressure if you have a young woman going through great chemical changes and a husband that is facing the challenge of his life.

Following a family tradition can be overwhelming.  Can you imagine the pressure that Kate and William had before they selected the safe George???

If the couple are mature enough they get past this and try to select a name that is proper for the time.  Hence why none of our daughters were named Maude or Elvira or Adelaide or Rilla.

At the time we had children there was a trend to abandon the structures of previous family names and go free spirit.  Moonbeam, Flower and Freeman.  Interesting enough Freeman was a common first name for our family 250 years ago. Whatever we tried to go with names that the kids could live with through their lives.  (Although Robbie would have been nice)

Anyway the choice of the first name is a well documented process , but today it is the last name that is the battleground.  Quebec has a long history where a married woman has a last name that is her maiden name hyphenated with her husbands name.  Now this goes to the the issue of which name would be the last and what happens if your son or daughter marries another hyphenated person.

I was listening to an interview on CBC radio of a couple that are facing this issue.  The wife declared that she would not adopt the “Slave Name” of her husband.  In the interview that was her opinion of abandoning the names which she grew up with and changing to her husband’s name.  Scary if that that is the attitude of some women.  Anyway a much deeper issue than the point of this blog.

As it happens they both had hyphenated last names and after a significant debate, they put all 4 names in a hat and the kid has 4 hyphenated last names.  They managed to pick a first name but the kid is faced with (and I have chosen to select alternatives so I will not be sued but this is an accurate example of the name)  Jacob Malensky-Broden-Morgan-Chandel.

The couple being interviewed on the radio were so effervescent and saying their son can pick his favorite name when he becomes 18.  But can you imagine the problem at school or when he signs up for boy scouts or Air Cadets.  When he has graduated from university and gets a job and goes to his first business conference and has a nameplate that covers half his chest.

What happens if he meets a girl from the same dysfunctional naming tradition?