We have two Westies staying with us for a couple of months.  They are actually fairly mature dogs (in dog years about the same age as the wife and I)  So you would expect that they would have the mature view of the world but no they are like puppies always looking for food and always wanting hugs and minding.  Fortunately Pat has the grandmother gene and talks to them like little children and give them lots of attention.  I, on the other hand, am the grumpy grandfather that for some reason the dogs love and want to be with me or on my lap all the time.

Anyway the purpose of this blog is to discuss a scientific experiment.  I have been observing a phenomena that could get me written up in Scientific American.  I believe we have magic dogs that can actually produce mass.   I know, shocking but I think I am close to proving it.

We feed them 1 cup of dried dog food (3/4 cup for the female) each day.  Plus a couple of little treats and maybe some veggie scraps.  These dogs act like teenage boys in their constant devotion to food.

On the many trips to the back yard they produce massive amounts of Poop.  2-3 times a day I am out there bagging up their excrement.  I am convinced that each of the dogs produce 2 cups of output with only about 1 1/2 cups of input.  Unfortunately Pat will not allow me to use one of her measuring cups to prove my hypothesis.  I am thinking of investing in my own measuring cup so I can document my observations, write it up, get published, become famous and get an honorary doctorate from some obscure university.   A PhD in dog poopology. Even Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be amazed by this breakthrough in Physics.

Granted it is a doctorate that I would have a problem bragging about to our friends in the community.  But I could get a guest shot on Big Bang.  My family will be so proud.