Many years ago I was flying from Calgary to San Francisco on business.  I had upgraded to business class and had a window seat on the right side.

As we flew into northern California the sky was clear and the pilot banked to show a great view of Mount Shasta.  He announced that this was the mountain that inspired the logo for Paramount Pictures.

Over the last few years when we drove up and down the interstate 5 on the way to California or Arizona we passed Mount Shasta but it was always in clouds. I kept telling Pat that this was the Paramount mountain.

The last trip was different and it was crystal clear.  So we diverted from our trip to drive up the north side of it to try and find the view used in the logo.  Ended up with a beautiful picture but could not match the vision.  Afterwards I looked it up and found out that the Captain lied.  The Logo is based on a composite of many mountains.  Still this is a nice picture .  It is a twin volcano which is not apparent from the normal view from the west (from the right in this picture)

Mt Shasta