Tis the season for Christmas parties.

Last night Pat and I attended the second of three dinner/dances that we have scheduled for this week alone.  This one was the year end party for the Alumnae group that Pat belongs to.

When we first moved here Pat joined the Newcomers club where we met lots of new friends.  After 3 years you get kicked out and the ladies formed a newcomers alumnae club which is actually bigger than the newcomers and most of our friends came along.

Last night’s party had about 45 couples held at the Clubhouse.  Chance to get dressed up.    It was more fun than the party on the previous evening because we knew more than half the people and everyone is from our generation.  Almost like a wedding with lots of laughter and moving from table to table greeting friends.   The DJ played only music from the 60s and 70s and the dance floor was always packed.

Unlike the parties of our youth though, after a couple of hours of dancing most of the couples were heading home to bed by 10:30.  Our excuse was that we wanted to come home to let the dogs out for a final run, but I went to bed pretty quick.  Got to pace myself as we have another one of these on Saturday night.