January 13 and a gorgeous day here in Paradise.  While we do have to live with countless days of overcast and some rain at this time of year, we do get breaks.  Today was one.

Sunshine and 9°C.  So nice I took little Red for a drive.  Top down which meant Pat did not go with me.  Vedran would understand that even at 9°C, in sunshine you flaunt it.  But our wives are woosies.

I was listening to the CBC radio the other morning where they were interviewing one of those guys that says global warming is going to kill us all and we must give up cars and become vegans (well a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean).

He was asked why there is record cold throughout Canada and the US and much of Northern Europe and yet warm dry weather on the west coast.  You could almost hear the guy tap dancing trying to explain why everyone from Calgary to New York were freezing in the dark but said it is all due to the disruption in the Jet Stream due to GLOBAL WARMING.  Even the host, while trying to be polite, did not seem to buy in.

Still if Global Warming brings winters like this to Vancouver Island where on January 13 I can go for a drive topless, bring it on.