The Sun came out today

I awoke early this morning while it was still cold to use the snowblower for the 5 ” that fell last night.  Wet, soggy, heavy snow.  The 8 HP machine could barely cope.  Did the 5 driveways and sidewalks that are on my usual route, but unlike the last 3 days, it was in morning sunshine not cascading snow.  We have had close to 20 ” (50 cm)  of wet snow over the last 4 days.  A record for around here.

I have gone out 5 times in the last few days but as I cleared driveways and sidewalks this morning I knew this would be the last time.  The temperature went up to 7°C  in sunshine today and will only get warmer as the week goes on.

Sure enough our driveway and the sidewalk is warm and dry.  Unlike those people that drove over their driveways or did not clear.    They have layers of ice and mounds of frozen barriers left by the plows.

There is a certain satisfaction in a dry driveway with 3 foot high banks of snow on each side.    Granted even those that did no shoveling or clearing will have clear driveways in a couple of days, but I still am satisfied in my efforts.