Yesterday (a Thursday) we awoke for a normal, boring retired person day.  Well not that boring as I had to make a new grating for the fore deck on the Victory and Pat was going to prepare one of her marvelous roasted autumn vegetable stews using all the frozen leftover pieces of steaks and roasts from the last winter.  I awoke that morning with a positive feeling that the day was laid out and we were going to have a great supper.

Before lunch Pat gets an email from friends of ours asking if we want to buy their tickets to see Jesse Cook that night at our local theater.  They had great tickets but they were stuck in Calgary (for personal reasons) and could not attend.

Bit of background.  We love Jesse Cook.  A Canadian artist that is noted for his flamenco guitar style.  Many years ago Mary Ellen gave us a Jesse Cook CD and since then we have bought most of his albums and have gone to see him live whenever he came to Vancouver Island.  Every second year before he starts his tour he and his band book small theaters (our local theater is 500 people), to polish their show before taking to the big venues in US and Canada.

We did not realize he was coming this week and even if we had his show normally sells out in a day.

The tickets from our friends were 5 rows back and in the center.

So we immediately agreed to grab the opportunity and yesterday went from a regular day to a great night out.  So close you watch the fingers flying on his guitar.

Strange how life can reward you.