Now who has not gone to a restaurant or bar and not ordered deep fried Calamari?   Face it, gotta be one of the best appetizers out there.

That was my opinion until we started to adventure into Mediterranean cuisine with the concept of grilled calamari.  Squid with a marinade and finished on a BBQ, even better.

So Pat and I started to experiment with squid in many more dishes.  Easy to cook, even easier to overcook and ruin.  Overcooked squid is the same as goat tripe.  But for some reason got out of our regular routine.

Tonight (it being Friday our normal seafood night) I made a Thai Chili Squid dish that was to die for.

Earlier in the week we had leftover pork tenderloin and we decided to make a Thai Pork dish.  It was wonderful and we had leftover Thai sauce.  By happenchance we were at Costco and bought a big package of frozen Squid already cleaned).    Pulled out 3 of the squid tubes and decided to make a meal.

As Pat agreed, this was infinitely better than the Friday boiled cod dinners of her youth.

Attached is the recipe.  Very low in fat but if you use authentic Thai fish sauces they are salty.    Still think of this as your once-a-month movie night with buttered and salted popcorn.


Thai Chili Squid