Last Thursday Pat and I invited a couple to join us at the Locals restaurant for their Wine Pairing Dinner.

LOCALS is a restaurant where the chef (Ronald St Pierre) does his utmost to feature products that are available in our area.  And he is very successful.

A wonderful dining experience in the best restaurant in the valley.  They do this maybe 3 times a year and you have to pre-book months in advance.

A celebration of small dishes and entrees by the best chef  matched with wine pairings from the wineries in BC.

The Hors D’oeuvres had 4 tastings including seared local scallops, smoked Bison and Goat cheese

Next dish was a crepe with Asparagus spears and local cheese

This was followed by fresh Halibut fillet on squid ink linguine in a sauce of ginger and coriander.

The entree was slow cooked beef in a red wine sauce topped with foie gras and vegetables

Dessert was a hazelnut chocolate tart on a shortbread.

I have only given you a brief summary of this meal.  It took almost 4 hours to consume with little dead time.

During the meal Pat was mentioning to our friends that I (Bruce) actually prepare nice meals.  Granted not as nice as the meal we were enjoying, but not in the norm.  She told me to describe my meal for the following night (Friday) which was the Thai Squid meal in my previous blog.  My buddy Harry (who does little cooking) leaned forward and challenged me, “well what are you doing the next night’

I bragged to Harry and Marie that on Saturday night I was preparing ‘Poulet Avion’    They were impressed.

Saturday night and I  did prepare the meal as planned.  Oven baked, spicy, Chicken Wings.  It is all in the branding.

Not to claim all the credit, Pat did the celery stuffed with blue cheese and the carrot slices that accompanied the meal, and of course…… did the dishes.