My previous blog was about the pride I have in being a leading internet techy by actually having a blog but also the fact that I own the domain  I paid some money a couple of years ago to register my ownership.  My justification for the cost was because I enjoy my blogging, and there are hundreds of fans (well a few anyway) that live their lives vicariously through my insights on life.

At the time my thought was that, while I own the site, this could be easily taken over by someone with the core domain name.  Plus the fact that I love the title and figure with the millions of sites being registered each year, this is such a great name that someone will pay a fortune one day to get it from me.

Which leads to the issue of Domain Sitters.  People that grab domain names for companies and then sit on them waiting for the company to come along and buy them out.  Apparently you can lose the domain if it is proven that you only sit on the site and did not intend to use it.

So it could be, that the reason I write blogs, is to defend my ownership.  Do you think I would actually enjoy baring my soul to the public?

Apparently I do.