There are boring activities that you need to do in life.  Repetitive jobs like mowing the grass or painting a fence.  You expect this but there is enough reward in the completion of a stretch or an portion of the yard that keeps you motivated.

Occasionally I have to do a job in the shop that reminds me why I went to University instead of working on a high paying assembly line.

I am building a deer fence/barrier around our little garden on the side of the house where we grow roses and tomatoes.  I did not want a metal grid fence I wanted cedar to match the yard.  So think of a frame with cedar dowels (except you cannot get Cedar dowels because it is too soft)  So I am making my own cut down from boards.  I cut them into 4 foot long shafts roughly 1 inch square (see picture one)

You cannot put square shafts into round holes in the frame so I have to round the ends to the diameter of the holes.  For this I used my narrow sanding belt (see picture 2)

In the end I have 75 shafts with 150  ends  (see picture 3)

This was 3 hours of tedious work that required attention to detail but was still boring.  It was like working on an assembly line in China or India.  Boy am I ever glad I went to University.