Well it is finished.  I built a cedar fence along the house to protect the roses and our tomato garden from the evil deer.

In years past I pounded in metal stakes and used plastic mesh to protect the tomatoes but the roses were left to nature.  We would see buds about to bloom and the next morning gone.  The pernicious deer would treat the blooms as an appetizer on their evening of grazing through the yards.  I tried bitterent spray and all I would find the next morning were the flowers spit out on the ground as you would from a two year old given chopped brussel sprouts for the first time.

So I built this fence.  I tried to contact fencing companies but all they would offer were designs of metal mesh or black metal bars or even worse the lattice fence.

I wanted a fence that had narrow bars to keep the deer out but thin so the sun would shine on the plants.  I had a design but no one to build it so I did it myself.

As an earlier blog mentioned, I am not a fan of digging post holes.  This is the kind of thing I need sons or sons-in-law living nearby to do for me, but as this is not possible I did it myself.

But it is done and here is the finished result.   I know it looks bright, but the cedar will weather to be the same colour as the stones behind.  I had originally thought of making the panels gates so they could be opened to plant and weed and harvest but that proved impractical.  So each of the panels are in slots so they can be lifted out (they are cedar so light) Kind of a neat idea if I say so myself.


Deer Fence