I was invited to join the local Lonely Hearts Club.

This is the club for husbands where their wives have evenings out.  Think of it as the pay back for the years in the past when the husbands went off to dinners and the wives (assuming after the kids were old enough) got together themselves.

This club is for the husbands of the women that are executives or members of the newcomers or the alumni club in the valley.  These ladies meet at least monthly for what is supposed to be presentations on club activities and maybe fashions or a speaker on environment.  All I know is Pat comes home happy from her outing with the female group and I have had an evening of eating leftovers and watching the recorded TV programs that she does not enjoy (The Walking Dead for example)

There are great guys that I have met through the group (granted the group that came from Pat’s membership)  Some of them have the same attitude as I have.  Why should we sit home alone when the wives are out at a party, particularly when we used to be the guys out before we retired?

So a couple of the guys formed a group called the Lonely Hearts Club for men.  On the evenings when the women are off having their fun (and we suspect watching really boring presentations) the husbands would join and go out to a pub or restaurant.

Last night we investigated a new Indian restaurant in Campbell River called Hot Spice (which apparently is a chain)  It was OK but the best part was the male bonding.  I pontificated on my experience on the various aspects of Indian cuisine.  My presentation was well received although there was a lot of beer consumed.

Now I look forward to the evenings when Pat is going to be away.  I hope I get invited back