I like milk.

In the morning I have a cup of milk on my cereal and for lunch I have a large glass.  As the years pass Pat (and our daughters) have made me step down from Homo (Oh drool) to 2% and then to 1% and then they tried to drive me to skim.

Skim milk is not milk.  It may have all the nutrients of milk, but it tastes like 1% milk with a cup of water poured in to dilute it.  It is so thin the milk looks blue when you hold it up to light.   Pat’s sisters Lois and Mary Ellen are part of the conspiracy to convince me that skim milk is good.  I suspect they drink whole milk when I am not visiting and get together and laugh about the attempt to tempt me to skim.

Granted I did marry a daughter of a managing  director of Co-Op dairies so I should have realized the pressure to drink milk and eat ice cream etc.  We bought gallons of it over the years with our kids.

When the Christie family visits us we are able to buy Homo milk (3.25%) for the boys.  I admit on those days I use their milk on my cereal in the morning (while looking around not to get caught) but not in my glass for lunch.

In any event, I drink a lot of milk.  When we are travelling and stop at a Subways I get the biggest, fattest sub they have but always pick up one of those 500 ml bottles of milk (those bottles that are enclosed in a white wrap)

Yesterday, Pat and I drove down to Nanaimo for our Miata Club general meeting with pot-luck and bring your own drinks.  I was sitting with our friends and brought out the 500 ml bottle of milk that I had brought along while the other guys were drinking coffee, cokes or a beer.  They were stunned.  John, our President, said that he could not believe an adult drinking milk when beer was available. Most of the group confirmed that they only drink milk on cereal or in their coffee.

John went on to announce to the people around that humans are the only species who drinks milk beyond infancy.  I replied that as we are the head of the food chain, we can and furthermore if offered to other species (like cats) they would love it.  Then I pointed out humans are the only species that drink beer and rum and scotch.  Not sure I won the argument.  (John can be opinionated unlike me)

Still, I like milk, and the good thing about the 500 ml bottles of milk, they are 2% ….uhmm good.