Yesterday morning (Saturday) I did my first volunteer work this year on the Broom weed removal (if you do not understand this concept look back about 100 blogs)  This is a very physical activity where you use big loppers to cut down bushes and drag them to a pile.

I came back at noon totally whipped.  After a nap (and aching in all my muscles) Pat and I went off to the store to pick up the ingredients for the meal that night and Sunday dinner.  For Sunday I had voted for steaks and Pat wanted a roast of Lamb.  As we were at the meat counter, we noticed that they had a small selection of Veal in the sliced Scaloppini cut.  Compared to the steaks or the lamb it was a bargain.  8 slices for about $6.

Now I do realize that this is a blog with access to the world and there will be people that search the internet and may attack me for eating the flesh of a young calf.  But screw them.

(by the way I live in New Jersey, try and find me)

Tonight I prepared Veal Scaloppini in a cream sauce with mushrooms.   We happened to have a bag of local fresh brown mushrooms so it seemed a perfect fit.

Pat wanted me to substitute 10% cream but I went for the real thing.  You only live once.

We prepared mini potatoes with Rosemary which I grilled on the BBQ.

A wonderful meal, as good as any Scaloppini meal I have had at a restaurant, and a whole lot cheaper than the Lamb Roast or the steaks.

I actually opened a bottle of good Chardonnay from our cellar for the meal (which is an event).