The Thrifty grocery store that opened a couple of years ago near us (by the way it is not Thrifty but the quality is great) has become our go-to grocery.  We shop virtually every other day for something because it is so convenient (and we have the time)

Over the months I have found my favorite teller for check out.  She is young, pretty but most of all effervescent and chatty.  Just a delight to go through the line and chat with her.  But I had a problem.

Her name is Kimberly which I read on her nameplate, and I would try to acknowledge her by name but realized that she was actually named Kristen.

I thought this was a typical problem I am now having of not remembering names so gave up and just tried to be friendly.

Today I went off to pick up bread and sandwich fixins and there at the checkout was Kimberly at the till and Kristen bagging.  They are identical twins!!!!

I told them of my confusion and they laughed  and confirmed that they very seldom work the same shift.

I thanked them by saying I was happy that I had not lost my mind, I do remember their names.