It is our 45th wedding anniversary.  We spent the day sourcing and arranging our array of hanging flower baskets plus replacing some shrubs that had outgrown their positions in our yard.  Lots of sunshine.

Over the last week we had leftover chicken from Pat’s birthday Rotisserie chicken and our grilled chicken salad so tonight we made Chicken Pot Pie.  It seems so simple but making pastry for an 8 x 12 dish from scratch is just so finicky.  I admit when I make Quiche or we make pies we buy the frozen pie shells.  So I seldom make pastry from scratch even though we have the proper shortening.  Even Chandler struggled when he was here.

It looked so easy when Mother and Aunt Grace rolled it out .  It looks so easy when you see them on the cooking channel.  You cut in the shortening and add a little cold water and then roll it out smooth.  Mine always looks like it has scabies and the fluted edge to the pot pie , well let us just say I would never serve this to company, well maybe to my kids or Blaine, but not to Lisa or our friends even though it tastes great.