Pat and I belong to a local Probus club which is basically a club for retired coots like us that have a business or professional background.  We have monthly meetings where there is a guest speaker and then reports from the various groups (Hiking, photography, singing, golf, dinner, fishing etc)  Basically a social club where we meet lots of people and maybe raise a little funds for charity (although that is way down the list of our priorities)

We have met lots of friends through the club and participate in several of the groups.  Anyway that is only background.

The guest speakers at each meeting talk for about 45 minutes on various subjects.  It may be a charity looking for funding, or a semi famous local mountain climber talking about his conquests, or a star gazer showing us pictures he has taken of the stars.  Not always polished speakers but generally interesting.

However today we had a star.  Martha Crawford Cantarini.  She is about 92 years old and lives on Denman Island just south of us.

From 1945 to 1965 she was a stunt woman in Hollywood primarily in Westerns and action movies because her major skill was on horseback.  In 2005 she was awarded the lifetime achievement  Golden Boot award the equivalent of an Oscar for stunt doubles.

She was a delight.  Telling stories of the background of stunts (with brief videos) that she performed backing up all the female stars we all know from that era and insights on some of the many movie celebrities she worked with.

Her stories were brief, often humorous  and yet gave a sense of what it was like shooting movies in the old days when the stars were on the set during stunts, because they would have to get on the horse or walk in to the scene immediately after the stunt.  She met and often socialized with the actors.  Apparently today the stunt people never meet the stars because the stunts are shot in separate locations or studios.

A 92 year old that can tell an interesting and coherent story.  She was married to a Jockey in California and when their careers were over, they chose to move to Denman Island (off Vancouver Island)  for a new life.             45 minutes went by in a heartbeat and we clamored for more, but as her grand daughter (who was driving her) said, they had to make the ferry back to Denman.

Look her up in the internet and read the interview done with her a few years ago.  What a delight and something I would never have experienced if we had not joined this club a few years ago.