Today our hiking group took the ferry to Denman Island, dropped the cars off, hiked down to the beach and crossed over to Sandy Island (also called Tree Island) .  The 500 meter  crossing has to be done at low tide as it is normally under water.  The feature of this hike is that the stretch to the small island has THOUSANDS OF OYSTERS.

Yesterday I stopped off and bought my fishing  license as several other guys did, so it was legal to gather oysters.  We picked up a bunch on the crossing over and when we stopped for lunch shucked them and ate them raw with a splash of Tabasco.  They were HUGE probably the biggest I have ever had, and they were delicious.

On the way back I picked my limit of 15 to take home.  The last 3 km carrying a bag that must have weighed 30 lb was a bit of a chore.  We BBQd them in their shells for supper with just a side salad.  They were so big we only managed to eat a dozen and froze the rest.  What a feast