I have been trying to introduce Pat to the fun of Geocaching.  She was unable to make the hikes in the past where I experienced the group hunts.  Our hike last week had several sites but as the group was just interested in finishing the 8 km so they could go to the floating Dinghy Dock pub, no one had time to stop and properly look.

The other evening I took her to find several caches that are within a kilometer in the woods south of us.  That evening while we could locate the sites we did not find the caches (I went out the next morning on my own and eventually found them)  So Pat has looked for maybe 8 caches, but not experienced the thrill of the find.

Tonight after supper we hiked to another site near us and Pat finally touched and recovered her first Geocache.   Victory.  We will be doing this a lot more to add interest to our hikes.