We were invited to an appetizer party this evening at our friends Paul and Bev.  This was not a party organized through one of the clubs but a personal one where they just invited friends (26 in all)

The reason for the party was to watch tonight’s showing of Chopped Canada.  This is the cooking show where 4 chefs have to make first an appetizer, then an entree and then a dessert each in 20 minutes from unusual ingredients.  At the end of each dish one of the chefs is chopped until there is one left who wins $10,000.  Paul and Bev’s nephew Pierre Lamelle was a contestant.  He is a chef from Calgary (where he teaches at SAIT so wonder if Chandler knows him)

Our hosts had no idea how the show would turn out but we were there to cheer Pierre on.   In the end Pierre won, so a very good success for the evening.

I took along my appetizer which was little smoked cocktail wieners wrapped in bacon, sprinkled with brown sugar and baked in the oven.  Simple meal but it took me a lot longer than the 20 minutes each contestant had.

My appetizers were great and everyone loved them.  Mind you how can you lose if you use bacon?   They had to make appetizers using chicken skin and prunes.  I would have just walked off the show, granted they have a full kitchen so maybe I could have found bacon and deep fried it with the chicken skin and prunes.

A fun night