Saturday and we are home from our adventure in Southern Utah.

First thing this morning my objective was to read the Saturday National Post newspaper.  You cannot get a good national newspaper on the road (and do not even hint that the US Today, that is given out at hotels, is a shadow of a good newspaper)  I know the kids say “just download articles on your IPad”  but that is even worse than the 2 paragraph summaries of the world events that you get in US Today.  Internet news is at best 1 paragraph and dominated by celebrity events.  I could give a damn about Justin Bieber, what is happening in the Middle East?

Where are the 1500 word, lovely written, columns that give you the various opinions going on in the world.  The writing of good newspaper columns is a dying art with the short attention span of the public.  To sit and read for an hour on the events of the world not encapsulated in  30 second bites I expect is rare, but something I cherish.  An hour to savor over breakfast.

Anyway lots to do this morning.

The first job was to wash and clean Little Red.  A particular problem was the side drive we took to the overlook at Grand Coulee dam.  The road had been recently coated in tar and little stones and despite my careful driving the wheels and side panels were coated in black stains that would not wash off.  As we looked down at the great dam I wept at the damage done to my precious Miata.

I tried to wash the stains off that night at the Winthrop Inn in Washington.  But to no avail.

So after reading the paper this morning and before the heat of the day came up, I backed Little Red into the driveway and cleaned the asphalt (and bug guts)  with solvent and then washed my precious to a perfect shine.

The rest of the day was spent in yard work.  Around here if you are away for 2 weeks the plants go wild.

I found a flowering plant in the front bed behind the azaleas that was really weird because I do not recall seeing it before.  A meter high and I swear it was whispering “FEED ME” .  I was not prepared to give it any blood but Pat told me not to dig it up and we will see where it goes.

A wonderful day back home.


Weird Plant